We have been getting many great comments and tons of downloads on a Flash iTunes Coverflow code we released. We integrated some of the great suggestions made by you on this latest version. Here are some of the new features:

  • Link based on XML for the Artist and the Album. If no link is given then the button is disabled.
  • Link is placed on the actual text of the Artist and Album name.

NEW! Check out the Flash 10 Version of the Coverflow! It is recommended that you use this new version as it will preform better.

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Flash iTunes Coverflow - V2 (25573 downloads )
Community Edition (777113 downloads )
Please send me your improvements or modifications and I would be happy to put them up to help everyone else and I will attribute it to you and give you a link. Remember this code is Open Source so please use, improve and share.
If the images are not showing up for you and you are pulling the images from a different server than the flash piece is being served from than you need to use a crossdomain.xml file to allow the flash piece to read from the remote server. This is a flash security feature and the only alternative to this is using a proxy page (as far as I am aware of). Read More…

If you are experiencing a flickering on your images make sure to use the latest version.Transparent PNG images are now supported.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to post because there are a lot of nice people who will love to help.