The last version of the coverflow was made several years ago and its still quite popular (over 700,000 downloads on just version 2). So I decided to make a new version, this new version takes advantage of the new Flash 10 3D capabilities, which is perfect for this particular use. It allows for the Flash to load faster (because its not using Papervision3D) and most importantly it preform much better. Now users can add a lot more items to the coverflow and still have  snappy performance.

Here are the benefits over the previous coverflow version:

  • Improved Preformance
  • Faster Load Time
  • Easy Modification through XML
  • AS3 Standardized Code
  • Clean & Easy Class Structure

And of course you still get many of the benefits of the last version, such as the XML Based (Images, Links and Titles).

So please download it, play with it, make it better and post your code in the comments to help everyone out. Lets make this piece of code the best it can be!

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Flash 10 Coverflow (27195 downloads )

I have included a few flash vars, if they are not provided there are defaults in the code. Here are the flash vars:flashvars.xmlPath = “xml/data.xml”; flashvars.backgroundColor = “0×000000″; flashvars.labelColor = “0xFFFFFF”“xmlPath” is the path to the XML file. “backgroundColor” is the color of the background. “labelColor” is the color of the text label in the middle of the coverflow.