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Redirecting URL to a New URL

I wouldn't recommend redirecting as it may mess up rankings and the good stuff you already have going. Creating an entire new and more broad targeted website shall be the better option here, in my opinion. When you redirect, you do not know if you will lose rankings, regain the same rankings when or if. There are just too many variables to consider which can make your plans not go the way desired. I have seen atleast few cases where the rank regains were not as good as the earlier. It can take like months for the new website to regain the same ranks in some cases. Same applies for GMB as well, because from what I assume, you have a keyword optimized brand name, which can be a ranking factor, changing which may or may not move your GMB ranks. Besides, your rankings must be bringing you leads and new business. So, I don't see any point in slowing down new leads, even for a few months. Many huge brands create separate websites to target some specific local market, so having a sepa