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Activity Centers To Develop Kids Minds?

This isn’t really new research, when I was in graduate school in 2006 we were discussing the correlation between screens (over stimulating cartoons, movies and video games) and the increasing trend of ADHD. We plop our children down in front of the TV for hours to view very colorful, flashing and noisy programs without any activity center; then wonder why they can’t sit in class quietly and complete a worksheet. When my kid was growing up we got the best baby activity center so they could develop! Bring Back Activity Centers Schools are using too much "screen time" with teaching as well.. my kids are forced to use a school issued laptop for everything it would be better if they had an activity center .. the downfall is one teacher failed my child on a test because his Google grading program counted her answers wrong because she didn't quote Google word for word giving her a 59, when infact she made a 91 because her answers were correct when he took time to formally grade