If your a front end website developer, then you are probably making you websites responsive (and if you aren’t yet – then read this article before you start). Here is a list of the top 10 mistakes made on responsive websites. Using too many Javascript libraries We have all visited those websites. We all know […]Continue Reading


Testing your product on every major browser? Making a responsive site? Well you should be testing your website on every major browser and then some. Most developers will say they dont support IE 6 & 7 and some even say 8 and thats understandable. While sometimes thats an appropriate decision to make, sometimes its not […]Continue Reading


Ever wanted to discuss with a client your available services, some of your portfolio and show it all on an iPad. Well this might be the download for you. Its a whole app that you can customize simply by replacing images and if you ever wanna do more customization all you have to know if […]Continue Reading


The last version of the coverflow was made several years ago and its still quite popular (over 700,000 downloads on just version 2). So I decided to make a new version, this new version takes advantage of the new Flash 10 3D capabilities, which is perfect for this particular use. It allows for the Flash […]Continue Reading


Almost everyone that has a website wants a XML based Banner Rotator, since they are so easy to make in Flash I thought I would give out the one we sometimes use. Features Include: XML Based Image Loading Ability To Randomize The Order Custom Display Time For Each Banner    Continue Reading


We have been getting many great comments and tons of downloads on a Flash iTunes Coverflow code we released. We integrated some of the great suggestions made by you on this latest version. Here are some of the new features: Link based on XML for the Artist and the Album. If no link is given […]Continue Reading


Ever since Apple has dominated the music market with their iOS devices and iTunes every company in that market has tried to duplicate their technology especially this one lovely effect called “Cover Flow”. It is the lovely feature of flipping through images just like flipping through albums in a record store. It is a simple […]Continue Reading