Activity Centers To Develop Kids Minds?

activity center

This isn’t really new research, when I was in graduate school in 2006 we were discussing the correlation between screens (over stimulating cartoons, movies and video games) and the increasing trend of ADHD. We plop our children down in front of the TV for hours to view very colorful, flashing and noisy programs without any […]

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Redirecting URL to a New URL

I wouldn’t recommend redirecting as it may mess up rankings and the good stuff you already have going. Creating an entire new and more broad targeted website shall be the better option here, in my opinion. When you redirect, you do not know if you will lose rankings, regain the same rankings when or if. […]

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Lack of Internet Security

So I continued my pursuit. I finally got another chat line and got it cancelled. All trickery. No upfront easy way to cancel although very easy to sign up. I absolutely HATE auto pay stuff where they make you jump through hoops to cancel. We should start a list of those companies that make it […]

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